In the face of overwhelming falsehood and bigotry, don’t shut-up – Shut-App!

What is Shut-App?

With the looming danger of Donald Trump being elected President, we all have to speak up. But sometimes we get flustered by anger, need a boost of confidence in our knowledge, or a little help articulating what’s on the tip of the tongue.

Shut-App! can help.

Search or browse through every possible claim and reasoning people give for supporting Trump and find the best arguments, answers and refutations.

  • All answers researched and written by US and international professional debaters
  • Answers include facts, logical explanations and appeals to emotion and morality, to effectively engage different people and audiences.
  • Answers are ready-to-use, and can shared on social media in 1-click.
  • No charge, no ads, no privacy shenanigans.

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